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In 2022, the College reduced its electric use by over 7,300,000 kWh and natural gas usage over 318,000 therms.  The cost savings from 2015 to 2022 exceeded $9,500,000.  The College plans on continuing to explore more energy savings.
Energy Savings 2022


The College’s energy savings for 2022 can also be expressed as environmental benefits including over 59,000,000 KBTUs greenhouse gas reduced, 3,066 equivalent metric tons of CO2 reduced, 639 cars not driven for 1 year and over 78,000 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.
Energy Environmental Benefits 2022

Demand Response Program for Summer of 2017

  • Met 97% of Target Estimate

  • Revenue Produced - $100,000

Energy Page Demand Program


Geothermal 2022


lindsaysolar2019 Solar Smithtown Science Building Solar Workforce Development Building

Lindsay Life Sciences Building

Ammerman Campus

2022 Approximately 132,900 kWh

Smithtown Science Building

Ammerman Campus

Approximately 20,700 kWh for 2022

Workforce Development Building

Grant Campus

8,221 kWh for 2022


Suffolk County Community College is:

  • An organizational partner of the New York Offshore Wind Alliance
  • Developing a non-credit wind energy program in coordination with industry partners

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Off Shore Wind