What we have done

NYPA Envest Energy Conservation Project



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Phase 1 (2003-2011) - Estimated Savings of 3,575,758 KWH electric consumption, 3,509 KW electric demand, 59,861 therms of natural gas

  • Installed internet-based building automation system (BMS) for all major buildings on all campuses
  • Installed Variable Speed Drives
  • Replaced motors with premium efficiency motors
  • Converted constang volume air distribution systems to variable volume systems
  • Replaced chillers
  • Installed occupancy control of lighting

Phase 2 (2010-2011) - Estimated Savings of 1,163,471 KWH electric consumption, 232 KW electric demand, 105,960 therms of natural gas, 8,966 gallons of fuel oil

  • Replaced boilers
  • Replaced chillers
  • Replaced HID lighting (indoor)
  • Replaced burners and controls in Central Energy Plant
  • Installed vending machine controls
  • Installed demand controlled ventilation

Grant Funded Condensing Boiler Project 2011

Estimated Savings of 53,920 therms of Natural gas

  • Installation of condensing boilers in 5 buildings

Montaukett Learning Resource Center (Eastern) - LEED Gold Standard Design

Workforce Development Tech Center (Grant) - LEED Certified

Building renovations that include extensive improvements to the building envelope and HVAC systems that include high efficiency variable refrigeration flow systems:

  • Southampton Building (2012)
  • Riverhead Building (2013)
  • Riverhead Building two lower floors (scheduled for 2014)