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Apply for Beacon Program Classes in the Beacon Portal

The process for applying for classes starts with class selection and requires the consent of your parent or guardian and the approval of your high school class teacher. 

Here is how this works:

Beacon Website Homepage

Beacon Website Login Screen

  • From the Home Screen click on the “Apply for Classes” link in either the left side menu or from the available icons.

Beacon Website Apply Classes Homescreen

  • In the first tab you will see classes certified in your high school by term. If you are taking a certified class at one of the BOCES facilities, click the second tab and select the term and facility from the dropdown.

Beacon Website Classes Details

Beacon Website Classes Locations

  • To apply for the course you are taking, click the check box and click the “Apply for Selected” button. This will be followed by a confirmation notice. 

Beacon Website Class Schedule

Beacon Website Class Schedule Confirmation Notice

  • At this point a request has been entered in the system for this course and an email will be sent to your parent or guardian for consent to take the course. The email will provide a link to a consent form and is sent once a day.

Beacon Website Class Confirmation Email

Beacon Website Parent Consent

Beacon Website Parent Consent Form

Beacon Website Parent Consent Confirmation

Beacon Website Parent Consent Confirmation Email

  • Your teacher will also need to confirm that you are taking the course and then your request will be sent to Suffolk for processing. The status of your request can be seen under the My class applications tab. It will stay APPLIED until you are officially registered by Suffolk.

Beacon Website My Class